There is always something to be thankful for

Thankful for

What are you thankful for? For our final reflection on our Lenten journey series on Scattering the Stones, we look at finding joy through a thankful heart. If you would like to see the journey we have been on please see the following – Introduction: Journey to the cross More of God, less of me […]

Prayer: Thankful for our priceless inheritance

Priceless inheritance

As we walk through Holy Week, I like to spend this time in quiet reflection as I prayerfully consider the last days of my Saviour’s life, before He willing suffered death on the cross so that we may receive life. It’s something we hear many times, we know what happens, but it’s important to look […]

Are you holding onto hope?

hold on. Wisteria flower

So how has your week been? How are you feeling? Whether you feel at peace or struggling to keep your head above the waterline, we can do no better than holding onto hope – the hope of the world, Jesus. Whether we feel like praising Him on the mountain tops, or desperately searching for Him […]

Review: Jennie Allen’s Restless study

Restless DVD based study

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing Jennie Allen’s latest book and DVD set – Restless Study: Because You Were Made For More On my list of must read one day is Jennie’s Stuck and Chase, that Salina reviewed for us last year, so I was looking forward to see what Restless had to offer. […]

What is worship?

What is worship?

Today on Scattering the Stones, as we journey to the cross, we continue with the 6th post in the Lenten series. Our focus for today is, what is worship? There are many things we could discuss on this subject, but for the purposes of this reflection, we take a fresh look at how we express […]

Prayer: in the valley

Prayer in the valley

How are you today? Maybe you are waiting for something and trying not to worry Maybe you feel dry, weary, and lost Maybe you are unable to find the words to adequately express how you are feeling deep inside ‘When the poor and needy search for water and there is none, and their tongues are […]