Prayer: I surrender

Yesterday we looked at Exodus chapter 19, with the emphasis on preparation, holiness, and loyalty.I surrender. Apple blossom

To be God’s special treasure we need to show loyalty to Him, to fully submit to His will and instruction. For us to be able to do that, we need to follow God’s Word and Walk in the Spirit. This was only made possible through the sacrifice of God’s Son.

As we seek to listen and obey, we first need to surrender.

You are invited to join me in prayer, as we seek to fully submit to God.


Heavenly Father,
I am so thankful that I am Your special treasure.
Thank You that every detail of my life is important to You.
I am sorry for the many times I have not fully submitted to You.
Please take me and mold me, according to Your glorious purposes.
I want to be holy, as You are holy.
Please remove the things in my life that draw my attention away from You.
Where I am dry, please fill me with Your Living Waters.
Where the values of the world clash with your call to holiness, may You be my focus in all things.
As You prepared the Israelites to receive Your commands, please wash me anew in Your Spirit.
May Your Word of life be on my lips and planted deep within my heart.
Thank you for the gift of Your Son; through Him I am truly free.
I surrender my plans, my life into Your hands.
Where I am in need of Your healing, please minister to me, through the gift of Your grace.
My heart’s desire is to serve You with all of my heart.
I wait on You.
May my life glorify You, my Lord.
In Jesus’ name




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I run Hope Flourishes and Scattering the Stones Christian ministries. My heart is to share God's love and His message of hope, particularly with those who are hurting. I love nature; as I see God’s hand in creation as a mark of His love for us. For more information about me please see my about page.

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  1. Thanks for the prayer He will lift us up on eagles wings!

  2. Oh yes to surrender all to Jesus. I’m learning. Thank The Lord He is so patient and kind with me.
    Thanks for the prayer.